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Sam Isaacson
AI and research in partnership
Your Time:

How to use AI to Explore research with Mick Lavin

Mastering Inquiry: Leveraging AI in Research for Optimal Outcomes with Rebacca Rutschmann

Research into NHS CoachBot with Sam Isaacson

Ethics guidance with Ozlem Sarioglu

Digital Skills for coaches with Cristina Muhl

AI and research in partnership for evidence based practice with Alison Mitchell

Being human in the digital age – a panel discussion with Dr Lise Lewis and guests


Sam Isaacson is an enthusiastic coachtech thought leader, as well as being an active coach and coach supervisor. He writes a popular LinkedIn newsletter and has written two books on the topic: How to Thrive as a Coach in a Digital World (Open University Press, 2021) and Superhuman Coaching (Hanwell Publishing, 2022). He is the founder of the Coachtech Collective, a global community of coaches grappling with technology, and works closely with the big coaching professional bodies on the development of thinking around technology and ethics. He is Chair of the Coaching Professional apprenticeship, the biggest coaching qualification in England.

With a background in professional services and a disruptive coaching technology startup, he's the first person to have delivered executive coaching in virtual reality. His coaching consultancy practice Coachtech Ltd, based in London, supports clients across the planet, with a particular focus on maturing organisational coaching ecosystems and enhancing coaching using technology, through coach development, coaching supervision, and advisory projects.

United Kingdom
Coachtech Ltd
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