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Earn your CPD points and receive a certificate

Do you want to take your professional skills to the next level? The conference offers you a unique opportunity to do so through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


We encourage you to write a reflective text (a short reflective text of up to two A4 pages). You may want to use this for YOUR PRIVATE CPD log. Once the conference is over, collect your reflective texts, from the day, and send them to to receive your certificate. The deadline for this is March 20, 2024!

Even if you're watching the recordings after the conference, you can still earn your certificate by writing a reflective text and sending the email to The deadline is 7 days after watching the recording – no later than June 5, 2024.

Don't underestimate the power of continuous learning and professional development. By answering the reflective question presented during the breaks at different times throughout the day, you'll be demonstrating your commitment to your profession.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge and show the world what you're capable of!


CPD Questions:

Session 1: 

What NEW knowledge did you acquire during these sessions?

How are you going to accelerate your research journey?

What is your first step?

Session 2: 

What are the key messages and reflective insights you have taken from the session and how will this influence your practice in the future?

Session 3:

How was this session beneficial to my professional development?

How will this impact my professional practice?

Session 4: 

Do I have further research skills and/or knowledge growth opportunities that require action within my continuing research journey?

What are the most important things I learned today?

How will I apply my learning from today?

End of Day:

Looking at the EMCC Competence Framework – where have you developed your competence today? Explain the reason for your answer.

1. Understanding Self

2. Commitment to Self-Development

3. Managing the contract

4. Building the Relationship

5. Enabling Insight and Learning

6. Outcome and Action Orientation

7. Use of Models and Techniques

8. Evaluation

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