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Rebecca Rutschmann
Ethics guidance with Ozlem Sarioglu
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In today's increasingly digital world, the pace of technological change is remarkable. As EMCC Global acknowledges this trend, it stands as a hub for embracing these advancements in coaching, mentoring, and supervision. “Ethics Guidance for Providers of Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervision Using Technology and AI”, announced by EMCC Global in July 2023, reflects this commitment. These guidelines aim to navigate the ethical challenges posed by digital technologies, ensuring their integration is both responsible and beneficial. Join Ozlem Sarioglu, the Leader of the Digital & AI Centre for Excellence to gain valuable insights into these guidelines and participate in the discussion to navigate the evolving landscape of digital ethics.


Rebecca Rutschmann is a pioneering and prominent figure at the convergence of coaching technology and artificial intelligence. She has founded the AI coaching companion startup evoach in 2019, being responsible for all product development and acting as Co-CEO. As a trailblazing tech entrepreneur, communications specialist and certified business coach, her expertise shines in crafting extraordinary user experiences, a testament to her deep understanding of both technology and human interaction.

She is an accredited coach with both the International Coaching Association where she holds a PCC level accreditation and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council where she holds a Senior Practitioner accreditation. Rebecca is also actively involved as VP Accreditation for EMCC Germany as well as leading a global workgroup on upskilling coaches as part of the digital and AI Community for practice.

United Kingdom
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