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Mick Lavin
Mastering Inquiry: Leveraging AI in Research for Optimal Outcomes with Rebacca Rutschmann
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The art of inquiry is a cornerstone in both coaching and research. In this dynamic era of AI integration, understanding how to effectively interact with advanced systems like generative AI is crucial. Join Rebecca Rutschmann as she unveils the intricacies of interacting with AI tools, including ChatGPT, for enhanced research outcomes. This session will delve into the frameworks and strategies necessary for crafting impactful questions that resonate with AI systems. Discover the potential of various AI technologies in research and learn how to judiciously select the right tool for your specific objectives. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a coaching professional, this talk will equip you with the insights to harness AI for more insightful, accurate, and meaningful results.


Mick is a Coach and Mentor who works as an Agile Transformation Coach, Leadership Team Coach, and Mentor. He is an Author, Speaker and Business Agility Thought Leader. He specialises in helping People and Teams develop themselves, Transform Business to Agility, and helps Leaders get out of the way of their Teams to enable success.

His experience spans Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

With the EMCC he co-authored the EMCC Diversity & Inclusion policy statement.

Czech Republic
EMCC Global Centre for Excellence Mentoring Volunteer
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