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Johnny Craike
Motivations for research - a panel discussion with Dr. Lise Lewis and research competition winners 2023
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Johnny is a leadership, career and wellbeing coach, facilitator and
development programme designer. Earlier in his career he worked in
central government at the Department for Work and Pensions and at the
Child Poverty Unit where he co-wrote the strategy to eradicate child
poverty. He holds a profound interest in how to address inequality. He
was also Head of Engagement at a Housing Association. He is focussed
on creating inspiring development opportunities for leaders and thought-
provoking activities which challenge leaders to think widely about their
own wellbeing and the impact they have on the people and world around them. He holds an MA
and LLB from the University of Leeds and he is an EMCC qualified coach and holds a
Certificate in Mental Fitness Coaching.

United Kingdom
Lightbulb Moments Coaching and Events Ltd
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