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Dr. Joana Suta
Motivations for research - a panel discussion with Dr. Lise Lewis and research competition winners 2023
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Dr. Joana Suta has a Doctorate of Philosophy, Ph.D Centre of Research and Msc in Organizational Psychology (La Sapienza University-Rome/Italy). She attended a High Specialisation course in Business Coaching Psychology at “European University” (recognised by ICF International) and has a Master in “Human Resources management” from Formamentis SPA (Rome/Italy).

Joana is Certified Senior Business Psychologist by ABP Association and she is currently a lecturer at the faculty of Business and Management at BPP University, London, UK.

She worked as Research Assistant for the International Centre of Coaching at Oxford Brookes University, UK in the project “Coaching Conversations in Business Coaching Psychology” led by Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Prof Peter Jackson.

During her career as a consultant/researcher, she has managed projects while delivering and sharing results with stakeholders, helping them to gain new insight on their business and organisation efficiency. She has worked for private and public sector organisations providing high-impact organisational efficiency solutions.

United Kingdom
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