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Dr Riza Kadilar
Research Conference Opening with Dr Riza Kadilar - EMCC Global President
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Dr Riza Kadilar is EMCC Global President. He has provided executive coaching to a large number of executives in the Turkish business environment, delivered on many coaching programmes, and has advised on the setting of up of mentoring programmes for various leading institutions. Riza is also an assessor/verifier for European Commission Executive Office for SMEs, and head of TechMentoring Institute at European Leadership University. He is a scientific committee member at Institut du Bosphore (Paris), and a trustee and board member at Hisar Education Foundation (Istanbul). Riza regularly speaks at international conferences and is the author of five published books in Turkish, and columnist at Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey. Dr. Kadilar contributes to the democratization of learning & development with his online platform (RK Academy) and also with his EMCC Quality Award recipient online micro credential course (MOOC) on coaching and mentoring. Dr. Kadilar’s current focus area is the effective use of executive coaching and mentoring for inclusive leadership development. He is an investor in technology startups, and provide business development and financial advisory services thru his company K Ventures. Alumni of Stanford University, HEC Paris, METU, and INSEAD, Dr. Riza Kadilar is a PhD in media economics. His professional career includes senior level bank management for almost thirty years in France, UK, Netherlands and Turkey. He is an EMCC accredited coach (EIA) at Senior Practitioner level, and ISMCP assessor.

EMCC Global President
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