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Dr Eleftheria Egel
Motivations for research - a panel discussion with Dr. Lise Lewis and research competition winners 2023
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Eleftheria has devoted her career to working with women entrepreneurs from around the world enhancing their human and professional capacity and building mission-driven businesses. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavour is EOS Academy; a pre-seed online learning platform for women social entrepreneurs. She is Board Member of One Planet Education Networks , Advisory Board Member of Ethics International Press and Past Board Member of the MSR Interest Group of the Academy of Management. Her scholarly research is primarily focused on leader & leadership development. Her current academic project is the publication of a book on Inner Development Goals.

Eleftheria is a fervent community supporter. Among others, she co-founded the initiative #SheHustlesAfrica in Nigeria together with the indigenous NGO AKAWI to assist local women entrepreneurs solve business challenges and grow. She also provides counsel, pitching guidance and assistance with fostering a success mindset to early stage startup founders in Founder Institute in Germany.

Navigating Transformation
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