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Dr Ayse Cinar
Motivations for research - a panel discussion with Dr. Lise Lewis and research competition winners 2023
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Dr.AB Cinar is a globally recognized leadership and wellbeing coach dedicated to empowering high-achieving female executives and entrepreneurs. She holds the esteemed International Coaching Award from the EMCC, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to coaching excellence. With qualifications including MBA, and PhD, Dr. Cinar offers a diverse perspective on coaching, mentoring, and leadership development.

Her journey began with the 2004 L'Oreal UNESCO Women in Science Award, recognizing her pioneering research on behavior change determinants, significantly influencing her coaching approach. As a TEDX Plattsburgh organizer and speaker, Dr. Cinar explores compelling topics like ""Resilient Female Leadership for Sustainable Development,"" embodying her dedication to thought leadership.

Dr.Cinar excels as a Mental Fitness Coach for Leaders, leveraging advanced psychometric profiling and proven training to enhance self-confidence, stress management, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and employee engagement. Beyond coaching and mentoring, she advocates fervently for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), serving as a Women Enterprise Scotland Ambassador empowering female entrepreneurs.

Dr.Cinar excels in AI-assisted Leadership, by undertaking AI-Assisted Entrepreneurship training from a renowned expert in the field, and continuously sharing her AI knowledge at LinkedIn.

With over 950 hours of professional 1-1 coaching, 650 hours of coaching and leadership training, and over 850 hours of tailored training, Dr. Cinar is deeply committed to guiding high-achieving women to unlock their potential.

United Kingdom
University of Dundee
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