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Cristina Mühl
Digital Skills for coaches with Cristina Muhl
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Coaching landscape has been changing constantly in the last years, especially with the introduction of technology in the coaching practice and not only. The recent EU legislation on Artificial Intelligence is another example of the complexities that coaches need to be aware of and integrate in their practice.

The session will aim at providing a summary of current use cases and highlighting what that means for the digital literacy of coaches, leaving coaches with the invitation to reflect upon their best hopes around upskilling and client impact.

All coaches are invited to come with an open mind and desire to explore and be challenged on the future of digital coaching and the future of coaches.


Cristina Mühl embodies a remarkable fusion of extensive corporate experience and a profound commitment to the coaching profession. With a multifaceted career that spans industries and continents, she is a leading figure in the development and promotion of coaching excellence. Her wide array of coaching credentials demonstrates her deep understanding of the intricacies of the coaching process and her ability to bring forth transformative change using the Solution Focused approach.
Cristina's contributions to the evolution of coaching extend beyond her individual practice. She has been involved in several initiatives such as EMCC Global Research Group, EMCC Global Upskilling Group, Subject Matter Expert with ICF Global on coaching supervision. Currently, Cristina serves as the President-Elect of ICF Germany, demonstrating her leadership and vision for the future of coaching in her region. Most importantly, she has written and implemented COACH-IT, a digital learning platform aimed at enhancing digital skills for coaches. The project was finances by the European Union via ErasmusPlus, and has been the first of its kind.
Furthermore, Cristina has contributed to the knowledge base of coaching with the published book on team coaching – Solution Focused Team Coaching in collaboration with Kirsten Dierolf. That will be followed by a book on Solution Focused Coaching Supervision

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