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Audrey Burke-McCarthy
Finding your way along the research pathway with the Research Centre of Excellence Accelerator Team
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What support do you need to access, apply and/or produce research? Depending on your perspective and needs, your answer to this question may be very different. No matter which path you are on, the goal is ultimately the same for coaches, mentors and supervisors: strengthening our profession and practice through more high quality research and professional practice based on the application of solid evidence.

Get involved in this co-creative session to:

- learn what support the EMCC Research Centre for Excellence already offers to consumers and producers of coaching, mentoring and supervision research

- help shape the further development of the EMCC’s research pathways

- discover how much fun engaging with research can be!!

This session is run by the EMCC Global’s Accelerator Team of volunteers: We are the people behind the research pathways – paving the way for research and building bridges between coaches, mentors and supervision researchers and practitioners to support excellence in CMS research and excellent research for and from practitioners.


Audrey Burke-McCarthy is a leadership and executive coach, and a team development facilitator. She has nearly thirty years’ experience of working across a wide range of industries and roles. Other than coaching, her roles have included international marketing, senior leadership, performance management and general management roles.
Her coaching client portfolio includes organisations across many sectors including pharma and bio pharma, financial services, health, professional services, engineering, manufacturing, construction, med devices, environmental, call centres, ICT and retail banking.
Audrey holds an MBA, an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, a degree in Marketing, Institute of Training and Development and Project Management certification, and is EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-i 360 certified. She holds Coach Practitioner certification with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is a Fellow member of the Institute of Coaching (which is affiliated to McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School).
Driven by a passion for ethical and high-quality coaching, she recently joined the EMCC Research and Development Group as a volunteer, eager to contribute to their mission of fostering evidence based research to ensure coaching practices continue to be ethical, uphold the highest standards, and evolve with changing client needs.

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