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Submit a Pitch or Poster

If you want to Change Reality by pitching your research in a snappy 5-minute presentation or with a written poster about your research at the EMCC Global Research Conference on 5 March 2024, then we want to hear from you. Topics we are especially interested in are:

  • AI/Digital

  • Climate Change & Sustainability

  • Wellbeing and Human Flourishing

  • Ways of Working

What is the aim of the Pitch and the Poster Competition?

EMCC Global is dedicated to the creation of quality research and impact of this research within the global coaching, mentoring and supervision profession. 

  • We believe that research rooted in a solid process ensures improves the quality of practice and encourages future expansion of knowledge by practitioners and researchers alike.

  • We believe that quality research should be shared to create impact, no matter at which stage of a research career a researcher is, whether they are associated with an academic institution and no matter where in the world they are conducting their research.

  • We believe that sharing of research should be inclusive and consider the diversity in researchers and consumers of research.

The EMCC Global Research Conference 2024 aims to give researchers and practitioners an opportunity to present their research to other professionals from the field and help create change in the realities of how we coach, mentor and supervise. You can share your research orally in a 5-minute Pitch or enter the Poster Competition with a written entry.

How can your research make an impact on coaching, mentoring and supervision?

Easy: Submit your proposal for a Pitch or a Poster – or for both! – for an opportunity to share your research with attendees at EMCC Global’s Research Conference 2024 on 5 March 2024.

Pitches are snappy 5-minute live presentations at the conference, supported by one slide only. Rather than simply talking the audience through your research, the pitch should provide a succinct and convincing narrative of the research, why your findings matter to professionals – and most importantly, how we all can (and should?) apply it in our practice. Want to pitch a research idea and find like-minded people to research the topic with you? That’s an option too.

70% discount on your conference fee, if you submit a pitch and it meets the guidelines.

Submission deadline: Friday 23 February 2024 at 12 noon UTC/GMT

Posters are a tried-and-tested way of succinctly presenting your research in an academic setting and in written format. Our poster competition comes with a twist in that it will not only be scored by academics but also practitioners with no academic background. Your poster should speak for itself to both audiences and allow them to understand not only the research you have done, but also how they can apply it.

50% discount on your conference fee, if you submit a poster and it meets the guidelines.

Submission deadline: Tuesday, 20th February at 12 noon UTC/GMT


All posters (that meet the guidelines) will be published on the EMCC Global website. Winning pitch and poster entries have the opportunity to submit an article to our journal and/or to share your research in our Research webinar series with practitioners around the world.

For more information and guidelines: Instructions for Pitch and Poster submissions

For any queries please email:

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