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EMCC Global Research Conference 2024

Changing reality

Virtual - 5th March 2024

Join the Dialogue!

‘We are now at a point where it is equally credible to claim that reality is entirely dependent on subjective experience, or entirely independent of it. Reality has never felt so unreal.’

Jason Arunn MurugesuJoshua Howgego and Gilead Amit, What is reality? Why we still don't understand the world's true nature, New Scientist, 29 January 2020

The realities of coaching, mentoring and supervision are changing rapidly. Change is not only something we have respond to, but also something we can create through our professional development. This conference programme will take participants on a journey through different ways to engage with research and show how research can make an impact on practice, arriving at the potential to harness digital and AI tools to bring research into our practice and become researching practitioners.

This conference will help participants to better understand our professional reality, reflect on how we are changing reality and how reality is changing our practice.

  • How can we develop our own unique relationship between practice and research to help us navigate our changing realities?

  • How can we use the new EMCC Global Pathways to research offering different routes to the acquiring the benefits of understanding, using, and doing research.

  • How can our own research influence changing realities in our practice?

  • What can latest research tell us about changing realities in coaching mentoring and supervision?

  • How can digital and AI tools bring us closer to research that can help us navigating our responses to change

  • How can we use evidence-based research to challenge opinions and gain more clarity for ourselves?  

If you are ready to innovate your practice with the newest thinking or develop cutting-edge research to make an impact, then this conference is for you!

PRACTITIONER, are you looking for the latest evidence-based insights to help you up your game without the science lingo getting in the way?

RESEARCHER, are you looking for ways for your research to reach practitioners and see it applied as intended?

Whether you identify as a practitioner or researcher, this conference is for you!

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